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    About Broderick

      Our family name Broderick has stood for excellence since 1876.

    Great Selection and fantastic prices.

      Our family name Broderick has stood for Excellence since 1876:

      Manufacturer of largest spool of wire rope in the world. 42 Mules needed to pull it.
      Broderick & Bascom won blue ribbon at 1904 World's Fair. Longest wire rope in the world.
      B & B elevator cables in thousands of skyscrapers throughout the worldwide.
      Most modern manufacturing equipment west of the Mississippi.
      Lowest bid on Panama Canal. B&B's "Yellow Strand" wire rope known worldwide
      Over 100 employees today. Founder John James Broderick 1876

      BroderickCom Selling Fine Products Since 1972 and a leader in technology:
      BroderickCom first began selling decorative items for the home in 1972.
      Today we manufacture and carry a large variety of fine items.
      We developed the first Assembly debugger and General Ledger for Apple II,
      and many other systems for the PC in years to follow.
      Today we use our software tools for the development and maintenance
      of our product web sites for better serving our customers.

Broderick is gold plating fine 14K Gold over sterling silver charms, sterling tie tacks, cufflinks, and other items.

Below is an example of a hedgehog charm made into a tie tack and then gold plated.

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